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The back-office software application is specially designed to stramline the management of CityPark parking meters activity by viewing important informations in real time (paper missing, power down, parking meter working status, hoppers filling status), and also by generating income reports reducing thereby the additional personnel costs.

Product Description

Advantages of the CityPark’s back-office application:

  • reducing personnel costs – initially, each site required an employee for analizing and verifying TVM informations like: income, missing or paper near end, power down, TVM status, hoppers filling level etc. But once bought and installed, the parking ticket vending machine’ back-office application you will be able to examine and review these information on-line and in real time, having access from a PC workstation. So, if your business need to save over 300 Euros/amplasament/month – amount needed for a minimum romanian salary/economy by month and other additional taxes – this solution is for you!
  • eliminating fraud – back-office application also allows you to view online the actions made by equipment users. In case of theft, you will know exactly who is guilty. And in case of vandalism, this software notifies in real time the authorised personnel.

Additional Information



TVMs List

section which displays a list of all installed machines in the general system of ticket vending machines. Displays information such as name or description, machine ID number, location, and TVM connection status to server (Img. 1). Every TVM will also display details about its current monetary status, number of tickets sold so far, and a log list with operations performed by customer (Img. 2)

Log List

list with notifications or real time entries coming from all ticket vending machines. Contains short description about every TVM process, operation or action. And a mini log list or a briefing of last 4-5 entries is located in the header of the back-office application which stays on top of every accessed section (Img. 1, 2, 3)


adding or defining some elements like TVM groups, parking ticket designs, tariff types and values, advertising or public info materials and also adding or determining user levels in this application is done by accessing the Settings menu


this menu displays a bunch of generated reports with detailed informations about payments made with prepaid cards, total number of issued parking tickets, current TVM monetary, non-fiscal receipts (Z) etc.

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