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This electronic ticketing solution allows the releasing and personalization of traveling passes based on contactless cards or thermal tickets.

All clients' details are gathered and stored into a general database using a computer and some additional components (like scanner or photo camera, card reading/writing device, card printer, thermal printer).

Product Description

Advantages of the ticketing front-office application:

  • Thermal paper ticket sale (for every passenger category)
  • Subscriptions based on RFID cards (nominal)
  • Distinct tariff categories (adult, pupil, student, handicap, retired, veteran, etc.)
  • E-wallet type cards based on points (nominal)
  • Dual mode cards for multiple use (nominal and non nominal)
  • Possibility for extending existing subscriptions
  • Data recognition system and autocomplete fields for existing clients
  • Customizable design and templates to assign to different card types
  • Both online/offline functioning
  • Back-up for last day activity
  • Other functions available on demand

Additional Information



Releasing Paper Tickets

– Paper tickets were never been easier to achieve thanks to TVMs or ticket vending points (kiosks). For example, a cashier would sell tickets released within kiosk’s front-office application.

– The tickets are printed with a simple press of a button and could be customized for 1 way, 2 ways, daily tickets or other traveling purposes thanks to a thermal paper printer.

Acquiring Travellers' Data

– For issuing nominal traveling subscription cards for travellers, there is a need to acquire their ID text and picture. This simple procedure is accomplished manually by filling the form or auto-matically using the attached scanner or webcam – which also provides a picture.

Issuing Traveling Cards

– According to user’s needs, the cashier will select the proper traveling card even if is a subscription or an e-wallet type.

– Will complete the required fields for availability, routing or available tracks, subscription type or e-wallet value.

– There is also a preview window of card to be printed.

Recovering Cards

– In case of damage, loss, theft etc. the customer will receive a new card having the same data from the old one which will be banned (put in a black list) by this application for no future use

Real Time Reports

– The application will generate a new data entry on every transaction. And at the end of the working day this entry will be inserted in the server’s database.

– Previewing these reports (excerpts) is available anytime by pressing the “Excerpt preview” button.

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