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The tickets and subscriptions vending machine represents the modern and automated alternative for kiosks or outlets issuing travel tickets and subscriptions in form of RFID cards. Its main purposes arem to reduce additional personnel costs and fraud attempts.

Product Description

Touch Screen Ticket Vending Machine’s Advantages:

  • The equipment works 24/7 and does not require holidays or wages.
  • eliminate fraud – stealth of the collectors is the main problem of transport services, it is almost impossible to verify collectors whether or not they sell tickets.
    From experience after implementing our system, customer revenues increased by over 250%. (Example: In Pitesti, before implementing vending machines Alien Concept, a conductor charge EUR 200/month, and after replacing it with machine proceeds went Citypark of 600 EUR/month).
  • payback period – if you admit wage economy 300 Eur/month and increased revenues from 200-600 EUR/month you will recover the investment in less than six months.
  • informing – the touchscreen display shows advertising clips and general public information (tourist attractions, details about local transit system, city halls, hospitals etc.).

Additional Information

metal case

– steel
– aluminium*
– painted in electrostatic field
– bad weather and vandalism resistant
– 5 points closing system (3 fixed, 2 mobile)


– touchscreen
– High Definition (HD)
– user friendly application interface
– vandal proof

bills reader*

– accept bills in RON or EUR
– rest granting possibility in bills

cards reader*

– PIN PAD option
– EMV compatible

prepaid cards reader*

– RFID technology
– subscription management system
– City Card – e-wallet system

card dispenser*

– printing over 2000 tickets/paper roll
– prepaid RFID card issuing system

thermal printer

– printing over 2000 tickets/paper roll
– NO cartridge needed

alarm system*

– GSM communication module
– in case of vandalism, announces competent bodies through SMS or online

power supply

– electric network
– accumulator*
– solar panel*

self accounting

excerpt issuing capability

back office application*

– online record collections
– rest granting possibility
– paper missing
– out of order
– lack of network power
– monetary
– events log
– machine access log
– full rates and information printed on tickets changing possibility

hot spot*

WiFi Internet access to citizens


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