alienconcept transport product trip computer


The trip computer is a system that allows viewing, managing and storing information on passenger traffic, drivers of vehicles timesheet is installed and display events such as vehicle location using GPS coordinates.

Product Description

Trip computer’s main advantages:

  • 24/7 working activity for better data collecting and trasfering
  • driver login with PIN or ID card
  • selecting a running line from the routes/lines list
  • locking option for connected validators to block validating cards during control time
  • permanent connection with dispatch office for generating real time reports
  • sending vehicle’s current position to server for fleet management purposes and ticket validation data for ticketing
  • counting the number of tickets validated using the following variables: date, line, station and any other (on demand) criteria
  • view the number of tickets validated over a selected period of time
  • changing variables such as time, date, line, vehicle ID etc. based on service code
  • -20/+60°C optimal range functionality

Additional Information




– 10,7 cm/4,2″
– 240×128 px resolution, 16:9
– monochrome LCD
– touch screen


130 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm (L x l x î)


– economical, onscreen
– configurable, virtual keys

power supply

– 12Vcc/24 Vcc (from vehicle’s battery)
– 3A

operating field

– 9-36 Vcc
– galvanic isolation between the battery and board equipment

operating temperature

-30°C up to +70°C
(-22°F up to +158°F)

operating system/database

own (Alien Concept)


– IP20
– dust and moisture
– overload
– overvoltage

software authentication

PIN code or card ID

modem GSM/GPRS

900 MHz

GPS module

multichannel receiver, 5m accuracy, antenna

housing material

durable plastic

housing color



– 1xRS-485
– 3 intrări/ieşiri digitale
– 2 intrări analogice

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