Alien Concept Electronics Solution for the next intelligent city


Constant technology development has determined people to have more and more complex requirements about personal comfort whether their daily activities implies working, playing, relaxing or traveling from one place to another.

The way Alien Concept Electronics sees an intelligent city of the new millennium is distinguished by integrating and interconnecting its products and services to a central point control based on management of: local and long distance transport, station informing, identification and video surveillance, profitable parking, streamline and auto traffic, favorable recreational places. This is possible due to an existing compatibility between the subsystems and main points.

Today’s client-oriented technology standards allow identification and storage of information such as personal data, actions and events using a single method, a device that we will call the City Card. And consistent and accurate information for citizens, grants for all public transport vehicles or profitable activity of modern parking lots – all this data can be viewed and analyzed using dispatch or PDA software applications developed by the engineers of our company.

The City Card – community card, e-wallet or electronic ticketing tool for every citizen

Social (public transport, parking), cultural (libraries, theaters) or economic (parking) services – all of these are generating costs and are bringing revenues to the local budget. Alien Concept Electronics has developed the City Card as a unified payment solution or electronic wallet after observing the citizens’ desire to have access to more of these services without the need to purchase different tickets or subscriptions. For example, without the need to wait in station after a vehicle of a single public transport company or to pay several private companies for a single parking space. So it followed the citizens’ need to use a single subscription or a single payment method in exchange for more activities and/or urban services.

Major advantages of the City Card e-wallet proposed by Alien Concept Electronics can be found in the exact control of expenses and revenues, by removing the possible underground economy among some particular activities (helping to increase the local budget). And, last but not least, in increasing citizens’ satisfaction levels due to its ease of use.

Gradual and easy implementation without disturbing the way citizens are accustomed to act in relation to these activities and services, and interconnection of the latter, was made possible through electronic ticketing management.


Step by step integration of Alien Concept Electronics Solution for public transport and traffic management


One of the most important aspect of a modern city is how to manage the public transport service in a secure, efficient, accurate, comfortable, eco-friendly, and last but not least, economic way. The Solution suggested by Alien Concept Electronics is the result of more than 10 years of experience in the field of public transport means. We managed to develop a client oriented and a company efficient system which also turned out to be a melting pot for new business opportunities.

1. Increasing revenues by 15-30% by reducing fraud

Ticket validators, card validators or dual validators are the first and relatively small investment that public transport companies should try. For example, in over 20 cities in Romania where we have implemented these validators so far, they have proven to be very effective by using thermal paper. They have reduced fraud or chances of ticket reuse and have increased public revenues by 15-30%.

The new generation of ticket and card validators comes with vandal-proof touch screen and integrates as fast in the daily lives of citizens because of its ease of use and similarity with the old ones. It shows also an increased clients satisfaction level due to their possibility of reading information from the card.

2. Reducing distribution costs from 8-12% to 2%

For the simple fact that they operate in a non-stop regime, the ticket vending machines produced by Alien Concept Electronics reduce the distribution costs of transport companies from 8-12% to 2%. All ticket vending machines contribute to a more efficient spreading of ticketing on the market and facilitate interaction between citizens and companies. They can emit both public transport tickets and parking tickets which will differentiate on excerpt so that different companies to be able to collect the money separately.

3. Reducing fuel theft and diminishing vehicles’ investments value with more than 10%

The back-office application for public transport management is a user friendly web interface application with customizable user access levels. It guarantees a reduced traffic flow by 20%, limits the pollution, and any other unnecessary energy consumption.

Dispatch, Traffic Flow and AVL Details

  • Allows receiving “green light” for vehicles that are lagging behind schedule to re-enter in their normal traffic timetable.
  • Permits whole year traffic programming for vehicles and dispatch intervention in case of emergencies and traffic jams.
  • Offers real-time surveillance of vehicles and drivers, and enables accurate information about vehicles’ time of arrival in stations through GPS data and GPRS connection.
  • Monitors all functional parameters of vehicles (on-board computer, ticket and card validators, LED panels, voice boxes, cash registers, embarked TVMs)

Ticketing Reports

  • Display and manage cards information for customers/passengers, drivers and other type of personnel
  • Generates full detail reports on date/time achievement and validation of customers’ tickets and cards

4. Grants payment according to actual consumption

City Card is actually a virtual account that transforms customers’ tangible money into defined subscriptions and/or value points (e.g. 1 EUR = 10 points or any other agreed amount) that can be used as tickets. If a traveler has a subscription to a line for example, but wants to go on a different line than that normally will buy a ticket. But having the City Card he will travel the other line using some additional points from it depending on that line details.

Another major advantage of Alien Concept Electronics’ System is the differentiated toll. It’s not normal that a customer who travels 1 or 2 stations to pay like one who travels 5 stations. So he doesn’t have to pay in addition to what he consumes. The system has fees for distance, time periods (overcrowded hours, holidays) or subscriptions for social groups (students, pensioners etc.).

The PDAs or enforcers helps controllers to verify the legal status of citizens’ travels by checking their City Cards, to cancel or charge subscriptions, to print fines on thermal paper, to track activities of other controllers, or take pictures of fraudulent travelers.

5. Increasing customers’ satisfaction

Due to the flexibility of Alien Concept Electronics’ System, the City Card loading operation is very advantageous and convenient for customers because they are able do it using the fixed sales outlets (street kiosks) or from the ticket vending machines (both public transport or parking).

Another important aspect of an urban environment is passenger or customer informing. Alien Concept Electronics’ System provides real time informing products like Electronic Info Boards. These are specially designed for citizens being in transport stations and inform people about a vehicle’s running track and estimated time of arrival in station (ETA).

For customers who want to be informed but have their phones or other portable devices discharged Alien Info Panels are usually installed in public places like stations, squares, museums or libraries and provide acces to informing applications and free Internet through Wi-Fi. Having large touch screens and offering nearby information, interactive communication and on-line bookings possibilities for hotels and travel companies they really are in handy especially in a rushed city of today.